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Howard Thurman

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Happy Kids

Most days in Haiti you can see joy on the faces of children or hear the giggles and shouts of fun.  When you look closer you can see they are very creatively playing with plastic bags tied to sticks, plastic bottles as footballs or using rocks for marbles.  Thanks to the generosity of some students at the University of Minnesota and the ARC Children’s Program the kids at several of the camps American Refugee Committee manages are also able to enjoy beautiful, handmade kites.

The ARC Children’s Program at Terrain Acra currently has over 900 kids enrolled.  The staff does an excellent job of keeping the kids busy with lots of activities including painting, singing, and dancing. I happened to be there on Friday and noticed the kites were out.  Unfortunately there was no wind so there weren’t many kites flying but the kids didn’t seem to care.  They were just excited about the possibility.
The craziest thing - kids here can be laughing, having a great time and when you take out the camera they immediately become somber!  Fortunately these kids were having such so much fun that I was able to capture the smiles.

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