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Howard Thurman

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


I've been asked to do a few interviews at work - here are a sampling:



The video on this (scroll down to the middle of the page) features yours truly and will provide a glimpse of some of my frustrations with the situation here and the Cash for Work program that has been a big part of my job (you'll need a whopping 14 minutes for this one):

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  1. Hi Deb and Al, I've been enjoying catching up on your life in Haiti via your blog, thanks. Just watched the ayitikaleje.com video with your comments, Deb, about the complexities of development/aid/cash for work, etc. I admire both of your commitment to helping there, and engaging with the challenges, both personal and professional, of those complexities. Best wishes for your journeys and the lessons learned, take care, Richard Parnell

    PS: You might wish to add Partners in Health to your donations suggestions list. Seems like they continue to be one of the most effective NGOs working in Haiti.