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Howard Thurman

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Happy New Year!

We're back in Haiti after a great break.  It was very energizing to have time in the frigid great north woods with as many friends, our kids and family as we could fit.

We're frantically looking for a new French tutor as one of our commitments for the New Year is to finally advance our language skills more than we have been doing on our own.  

Al had a fun moment at the Prosthetic & Orthotic clinic today when a little girl we met five years ago showed up.  Her name is Martine.  She lives in an orphanage Healing Hands has worked with over the years.  She seems to be doing well and is even in school!  Photos are below.

With the one year anniversary of the earthquake coming up next week we're noticing more press here and you can be sure to see Haiti stories everywhere.  I am hoping someone takes the unusual angle of actually reporting what positive things have happened here.  I'll keep reading and will post any stories that are especially accurate. 

I'm off to do a little yoga and try to maintain the zen feeling I began the year with!

Martine, before her Healing Hands funded surgery in 2006

Martine in 2007

Martine last week (2011)

Martine last week (2011)

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  1. Thank you for posting the update on Martine. I have so often thought of her since holding her as a precious baby in 2006. She has become a very beautiful child.